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Spotted on Epicurious


This year, Epicurious has you covered for Cinco de Mayo. Their team got an early start to join us at our Harlem bakery and learn our best tortilla tips and tricks. Follow their slideshow to make  your own delicious corn tortillas or snap them up at our Greenmarket locations. Happy eating!

Required Reading: Eater’s 72 Ways Food Can Change the World

72 Ways Excerpt from Eater’s 72 Ways Food Can Change the World, published September 2014: 


Too often, food lovers focus on the environmental impact of their meals-they consider carbon footprint, not the aching feet that worked 12 hours in a field to pick a local strawberry or the minimum wage worker that diced that precious berry.

But the food manufacturing industry is among the largest employers in the United States. More than seventeen million people make their living growing, preparing, or serving food. Too often those people don’t earn a living wage or aren’t afforded benefits necessary to live a dignified life.

In order to create sustaining livelihoods, we need to invest in the workforce that feeds us: providing a living wage can only translate to better food and happier, healthier neighbors in the long term. For employers, this means putting dollars back into the pockets of their employees; for consumers, this means adjusting to the true price of quality food.

Knowing where the ingredients of our food come from is critical, but I want to challenge consumers to ask who handled those ingredients and recognize the critical role that food workers play in creating quality products. – Jessamyn Rodriguez

Spotted us on The Chew?

Rhizlane & Carla The Chew‘s Carla Hall recently stopped by our bakery to learn about Hot Bread Kitchen’s unique social mission and try her hand at making some of our multi-ethnic breads. Our bakers had a great time showing her to braid challahs and press fresh corn tortillas.

Curious about how you can get involved? You can support Hot Bread Kitchen’s work by donating to our programs, and of course, eating our delicious breads. Purchase our Global Bread Box online or find us at retailers and Greenmarkets across New York City.

N.Y. Immigrants Find They Can Earn Bread And Butter From Baking

hotbreadkitchenretail-41_custom-781a9bec0c689ac6ffe6f261c396b86d42c3d68b-s40-c85NPR’s “The Salt” took a peek inside our East Harlem bakery recently and spoke with bakers from our program. Says Nancy, “My grandmother would be so happy and proud that I’m carrying on her recipe and the Mexican tradition.” Read the full article here.

Food Startups Rise at Kitchen Incubator in East Harlem

Picture 1




Hot Bread Kitchen’s culinary accelerator, HBK Incubates was featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek in the small business section in an article and accompanying slideshow. Writer John Tozzi outlines the offerings of HBK Incubates and profiles graduate business, Taste of Ethiopia.

Read the complete article published June 21, 2013 here.

Hot Bread Kitchen Short

YouTube Preview Image

We are really excited to share this short video about Hot Bread Kitchen created by photographer and videographer William Geddes. Geddes goes behind the scenes of our professional baking training program to talk with our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jessamyn W. Rodriguez and Chief Bread Officer Ben Hershberger about why Hot Bread Kitchen is more than a bakery.


Movers, Shakers and Bakers


“Hot Bread Kitchen at La Marqueta in Spanish Harlem..is breaking down the old-world gender barrier, as women from Mexico, South America and Africa train to be bakers – jobs traditionally held by men.”

Hot Bread Kitchen’s bakery training is profiled in Newsday on May 8th, 2013.

Read the complete article as a pdf, Hot Bread Newsday May 2013

Hot Bread Kitchen Helps Women and Minority Entrepreneurs Rise to the Top

Picture 1“HBK Incubates has helped 36 food businesses to start up, selling everything from cookies to cake pops, and seasoning to tamales.” American Express Open Forum looks into how Hot Bread Kitchen’s business support program, HBK Incubates enables businesses like NY Cake Pops and Taste of Ethiopia to formalize and grow.

Read the complete article as it appeared on Open Forum April 2, 2013.

Are you a startup food entrepreneur? The next HBK Incubates deadline is May 31st, learn how to apply here.


Happy International Women’s Day!

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On March 8th, people around the world celebrate the advancement and achievements of women. At Hot Bread Kitchen, every day is international women’s day, but this year we decided to make a video to commemorate.

Our bakers, HBK Incubates businesses, and staff from Bangladesh to the Bronx wish you a Happy International Women’s Day! For more International Women’s Day news and events, check out the International Women’s Day website.

Now IS the time

womancratesLast weekend, a draft of President Barack Obama’s immigration reform bill was leaked. Since then, many members of Congress and citizens have had outspoken reactions to the proposed legislation. As CEO of Hot Bread Kitchen, an organization that serves immigrant communities, I admire President Obama’s persistence in advocating for the rights of immigrants, particularly his idea of earned citizenship. Immigrants, and especially, immigrant women are the most vulnerable workers in the labor force. You can read more about how this proposed reform effects the population we serve and the work of Hot Bread Kitchen in my recent op-ed on Huffington Post.

If you agree with my position and the work we do, please consider donatingto the JobRaising Challenge, an online fundraising competition that supports innovative employment solutions hosted by The Huffington Post, The Skoll Foundation and The McKinsey Group. Organizations who raise the most money through JobRaising before March 1st will receive additional donations of up to $150,000 from The Skoll Foundation. By making a contribution via the JobRaising Challenge you would not only be giving us a generous donation, but you would also help to increase our chances of winning significant funding. And if you really want to support us, please forward to your network!


Thank you,


Jessamyn W. Rodriguez

Founder and CEO

Hot Bread Kitchen