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Launching Today: Women Bake Bread Scholarship Campaign

Gail CCI am writing to share with you exciting news, Hot Bread Kitchen is launching a Crowdrise fundraiser, our first-ever crowd sourced campaign to support the Women Bake Bread Scholarship. This program will allow you to directly support low-income immigrant women enrolled in our baking training program. Over the next eight weeks, we will work to raise $100,000 to support the professional development of immigrant women through two potential ways of giving: click “donate” below to directly contribute, or select “start a fundraiser” to create your own dedicated page and inspire your friends to give.

        DONATE                    START A FUNDRAISER

Our Board Members including Christina Tosi, Mark Fiorentino and Joanne Wilson have already started fundraisers. Whether you donate or start a fundraiser, you will be helping us to improve the lives of the women enrolled in our baking training program and change the face of the culinary industry. Plus, you will have the opportunity to win great prizes, like brunch with Top Chef Judge Gail Simmons. For more information, or help setting up your fundraising page, email molly-at-hotbreadkitchen.org

Thank you in advance,
Jessamyn W. Rodriguez
C.E.O & Founder
Hot Bread Kitchen

HBK CEO Honored by President Clinton with Global Citizen Award

On September 25, 2013, Hot Bread Kitchen’s Founder and CEO, Jessamyn W. Rodriguez was honored with a Global Citizen Award from the Clinton Global Initiative. This award was given to seven leaders based on their vision and scalable solutions to global issues. Other honorees include NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, 6-year-old girls’ education activist Malala Yousafzai, social entrepreneur Bunker Roy, and South Sudanese bishop Elias Taban. Below are her remarks given at the reception:

Thank you President Clinton, and everyone at the Clinton Global Initiative for the Global Citizen Award. I take great inspiration from CGI’s willingness to think outside of the box and convene and award business, civil society, philanthropic, and non-profit leaders who solve enduring problems that we all face.

I also want to congratulate the other honorees tonight, whose work, at all levels across sectors, inspires our humble efforts.  Five years ago, I launched Hot Bread Kitchen out of my home kitchen to do three things:

1. Create stable jobs for immigrant women who, otherwise, faced informal work and exploitation.

2. Prove that the market can be powerful in effecting social change.

3. Br-educate New Yorkers about the contribution of immigrant communities.

Tonight’s award is proof that those efforts have paid off.

Our breads are sold throughout the country. Forward thinking partners such as Whole Foods Market, The City of New York, the Waldorf Astoria, and Columbia University— have responded to the opportunity to diversify their offerings and support  social change while feeding hungry clients. Philanthropies such as New York Women’s Foundation, Robin Hood Foundation, Citi Community Development and Capital One Bank, and The Rockefeller  Foundation have partnered to support our innovative growth.

Women from 17 countries have educated consumers by inspiring breads that we bake every day– 24 hours a day. Those same women take  English classes, learn key management skills, and the math necessary to become leaders in the culinary industry. We have baked nearly a million kilos of dough, that has been shaped into breads from Mexico to Morrocco. Iran to Poland.

Finally, we are changing the face of an industry—currently only 500 of 6,000 bakers in New York City are minority women. We are righting this inequity and filling those jobs with qualified women whose skill, passion and perseverance earn their families’ bread in the thriving culinary industry I dedicate this award tonight to the women and men of the world who bake bread that nourishes our bodies, souls, and provides the fuel to effect social change. I dedicate this award to colleagues and friends in East Harlem who work to create social change and organization like CGI who support them.

Hot Bread Kitchen Short

YouTube Preview Image

We are really excited to share this short video about Hot Bread Kitchen created by photographer and videographer William Geddes. Geddes goes behind the scenes of our professional baking training program to talk with our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jessamyn W. Rodriguez and Chief Bread Officer Ben Hershberger about why Hot Bread Kitchen is more than a bakery.


Happy International Women’s Day!

YouTube Preview Image

On March 8th, people around the world celebrate the advancement and achievements of women. At Hot Bread Kitchen, every day is international women’s day, but this year we decided to make a video to commemorate.

Our bakers, HBK Incubates businesses, and staff from Bangladesh to the Bronx wish you a Happy International Women’s Day! For more International Women’s Day news and events, check out the International Women’s Day website.

Now IS the time

womancratesLast weekend, a draft of President Barack Obama’s immigration reform bill was leaked. Since then, many members of Congress and citizens have had outspoken reactions to the proposed legislation. As CEO of Hot Bread Kitchen, an organization that serves immigrant communities, I admire President Obama’s persistence in advocating for the rights of immigrants, particularly his idea of earned citizenship. Immigrants, and especially, immigrant women are the most vulnerable workers in the labor force. You can read more about how this proposed reform effects the population we serve and the work of Hot Bread Kitchen in my recent op-ed on Huffington Post.

If you agree with my position and the work we do, please consider donatingto the JobRaising Challenge, an online fundraising competition that supports innovative employment solutions hosted by The Huffington Post, The Skoll Foundation and The McKinsey Group. Organizations who raise the most money through JobRaising before March 1st will receive additional donations of up to $150,000 from The Skoll Foundation. By making a contribution via the JobRaising Challenge you would not only be giving us a generous donation, but you would also help to increase our chances of winning significant funding. And if you really want to support us, please forward to your network!


Thank you,


Jessamyn W. Rodriguez

Founder and CEO

Hot Bread Kitchen

Share the Loaf


In preparation for Valentine’s Day, we are offering a special-edition of our Global Bread Box to send to your loaf-ed ones. This decadent box will include the following delicious multi-ethnic breads for the perfect Valentine’s Day meal:

  • Appetizer: Nan-E-Qandi (4 pieces): slightly sweet and creamy Persian round topped with sesame seeds, goes great with a triple crème cheese like St. André or creamy ricotta.
  • Main Course: Moroccan M’smen (4 pieces): flaky and buttery flatbread perfect for scooping up sauces or elegant open-faced sandwiches.
  • Dessert: Chocolate Cherry Bread (3 rolls): This rich bread is filled with bittersweet chocolate and slightly tart cherries making it an excellent dessert after your romantic meal. Serve with ice cream or crème fraîche.
  • Breakfast: My Mom’s Nutty Granola(10 ounces): For a healthy breakfast the morning after Valentine’s Day our granola is chock-full of toasted oats, raisins, nuts, and lightly sweetened with a touch of honey.

 To read more about our Global Bread Box visit our dedicated web page.


 Price: $70.00 USD

*Free Shipping within the continental U.S.


We’ve Got a New Look


I am delighted to introduce Hot Bread Kitchen’s new branding, designed by Abbott Miller of the renowned international design firm Pentagram. We believe that our new branding communicates the essence of our mission and the quality of our unique line of breads.

As part of the rebranding, we have added new text to our logo to describe what we do: the phrase “Authentic Multi-Ethnic Breads” was chosen to underscore the international breads we produce and the backgrounds of those who make them, while “handmade” was selected for the bottom text to reinforce the artisanal nature of our products. At the bottom of this new logo is our original motto: “Preserving Tradition/Rising Expectations,” highlighting our commitment to the cultures from which our breads derive and conveying through the pun on rising bread to convey our goal of changing cultural perception of immigrant communities.

Adding to the unique visual richness of the branding is the patterned background that Pentagram has created. From afar it looks like a woven or batik pattern; however, if you look closely, you’ll notice that each row depicts a different ingredient used in the production of bread, such as corn, almonds, honey, milk, and wheat. Expanding upon Hot Bread Kitchen’s view of bread as a global staple that can communicate certain cultural aspects, Abbott has created a veritable iconographic language that conveys bread’s universal nature independent of the written word. You will also notice that our packages now feature, when applicable, the name of the bread in its native language, which we hope will further reinforce a respect for other cultures and our shared connection to and love for bread.

Pentagram has chosen a color palette that is atypical for an artisanal bread company: eggplant, bright blue, and an accent palette of bold, saturated colors. While I’m sure many of you liked our former branding, Pentagram noted that this palette was not differentiating us in the market as effectively as it could. Moving away from our previous organic palette of kraft and cranberry, they went in an entirely new direction and gave the brown palette of our artisanal breads a whole lot of pop! Read more about our newbranding and see additional photos on Fast Company.

At Hot Bread Kitchen, we sell bread to train immigrant and minority women so that they can get better jobs in food manufacturing and to br-educate NewYorkers about the contribution of immigrant communities.  Pentagram’s generous donation of design services will make it possible for us to expand our services and change the lives of more women and their families.

Like a perfectly made challah, our new branding braids together our products, employees, and mission, and we hope you enjoy looking at and reflecting upon it as much as consuming our breads. We extend our deepest thanks to Abbott and the Pentagram team for all their hard work.



Jessamyn W. Rodriguez

CEO & Founder

Hot Bread Kitchen

Thanks KitchenAid!

HBK Incubates, our kitchen incubator program, received a generous donation of countertop appliances from KitchenAid. KitchenAid provided 7-qt commercial stand mixers, food processors, hand blenders and a microwave that will have shared use among members in our incubator program. From melting, mixing, chopping, grinding and blending – the variety of these appliances help the production of our bakers, caterers, snack and dessert makers.

Thank you KitchenAid for supporting the growth of start-up food businesses in NYC!
See how some of our entrepreneurs (including Pipsnacks, NY Cake Pops, My Sweet, Little Horse Baking Company and My Little Bites of Heaven) are using the KitchenAid appliances for their production:

Behind The Scenes Tickets

Looking Back, Giving Thanks

All Staff

As the end of the year approaches, Hot Bread Kitchen reflects on our rapid growth during 2010. In the past year, we have:  tripled the amount of production and English fluency training offered from the previous year, moved into our new state-of-the-art commercial baking facility in La Marqueta and launched HBK Incubates. Our success would have not been possible without the continued commitment of donors like:

Hot Bread Kitchen wishes to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has donated, volunteered, advised, purchased our breads and supported us in 2010—thank you. We couldn’t do it without you.