Bon Appetit’s Guide to Giving Back


Bon Appetit’s Guide to Giving Back highlights the best gifts you can feel good about giving, and includes our Flatbreads Around the World gift box. Every purchase you make helps us empower talented women and men to professionalize their passion and launch new careers as bakers and food entrepreneurs. Image credit…


The Today Show: Hot Bread Kitchen turns women in need into world-class bakers

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Today Show Food Correspondent Sam Kass came to East Harlem to learn how to make Moroccan m’smen, chat with Jessamyn, and learn more about Hot Bread Kitchen before breaking bread with the rest of the anchors. Watch the video below.


Village Voice’s Best of NYC 2015

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This year’s Village Voice Best Bakery Award goes to … Hot Bread Kitchen!


New York Times: Hot Bread Kitchen’s Jessamyn Rodriguez and Her Moroccan Tagine

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The New York Times shared the story of Jessamyn’s most treasured kitchen object: a tagine gifted to her by one of Hot Bread Kitchen’s Moroccan bakers. She pulls it out for special occasions, but more often sits down to family dinners featuring fresh tortillas: the recipe from The Hot Bread Kitchen…


Upworthy on HBK’s partnership with Jet Blue


A month into our Bluebud mentorship with Jet Blue, Upworthy featured the partnership and took a look inside the bakery. “Our partnership with JetBlue is synonymous with our hope to travel beyond our New York roots to prove that our business can impact the livelihood and prosperity of women in many geographies,” Jessamyn…


CNN Money: Fighting Inequality with Bread

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CNN Money’s Cristina Alesci came to Hot Bread Kitchen to interview Jessamyn and some of our Bakers in Training. Watch the video here.


Spotted on Epicurious

This year, Epicurious has you covered for Cinco de Mayo. Their team got an early start to join us at our Harlem bakery and learn our best tortilla tips and tricks. Follow their slideshow to make your own delicious corn tortillas or snap them up at our Greenmarket locations. Happy eating!


Required Reading: Eater’s 72 Ways Food Can Change the World

Excerpt from Eater’s 72 Ways Food Can Change the World, published September 2014:  Too often, food lovers focus on the environmental impact of their meals-they consider carbon footprint, not the aching feet that worked 12 hours in a field to pick a local strawberry or the minimum wage worker that diced…