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Gifts That Give Back: Hot Bread Kitchen’s Corporate Gift Guide

Whether you’re sending your team home with sweet treats this holiday season or bringing a little joy to the office all month long, celebrate with bread and the gift of baking breadwinners at Hot Bread Kitchen.

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PilotWorks shuts down, Hot Bread Kitchen steps in to connect displaced businesses

Hot Bread Kitchen is sad to hear that PilotWorks, home to so many great food entrepreneurs, closed their doors the weekend of October 13. We know many of the affected businesses have orders to fulfill and production to manage in the midst of these changes—and hunting for kitchen space can …


Reflections on a Decade of Impact: New Leaders at Hot Bread Kitchen

There is a unique sense of pride I enjoy as travel around New York City tasting our impact on the foodscape: graduates, previously unemployed, working in the city’s kitchens; incubator products, previously enjoyed only by owners’ family, now on the best grocery store shelves; and global breads baked in East …


Shaolee Sen, Chief Executive Officer

Shaolee Sen is an advocate for women, diversity, small business, and social justice. Inspired by her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit and journey as an Indian immigrant, Shaolee is proud to be part of an organization directly impacting the lives of women. Since fall 2017, Shaolee has led Hot Bread Kitchen as …


Citi Foundation’s Community Progress Makers Update

2018 Community Progress Makers in Miami 

As we shared in our May 2018 newsletter, we are honored to be a recipient of Citi Foundation‘s Community Progress Makers grant supporting nonprofit organizations addressing the most pressing urban economic challenges of our time. Along with bread sales, crucial funding partnerships like …


HBKi Entrepreneurs at Summer Fancy Food Show

Congratulations to our HBKi member businesses who participated in the 2018 Fancy Food Show! …