This versatile, flavor-forward flatbread hails from Morocco, where it’s been celebrated as an everyday staple for centuries — and after one soft, flaky bite, you’ll see why it’s been our bestseller since 2010.

Made from a simple combination of flour, water, oil, and salt with a generous dose of butter, the dough is hand-stretched and twice-folded into a 7×7” square, with semolina sprinkled between the layers. Then, it’s cooked on a hot griddle until golden. With its supple but sturdy texture, m’smen can be served flat or stuffed in sweet or savory variations: drizzled with honey for breakfast as is the Moroccan tradition, dunked in soup or rolled into a wrap for lunch, or topped like a pizza for dinner.


We first learned to make m’smen from Bouchra, one of the Moroccan women in our culinary training program who taught us the same techniques passed down through generations in her family. Bouchra prefers her m’smen first thing in the morning with a cup of mint tea or as a comforting afternoon snack, with each mouthful evoking memories of home.

As with all of our breads, m’smen is baked to feed our mission. 100% of proceeds benefit our culinary training program to support women breadwinners.


Store m’smen in plastic in the refrigerator and enjoy for up to five days.

M’smen is best enjoyed warm. We recommend placing each piece on a dry skillet over medium heat for one minute per side before serving.

Ingredients: Unbleached unbromated wheat flour, filtered water, non-GMO canola oil, semolina, butter (milk, salt), sea salt. M’smen is Vegetarian, Preservative-free, Non-GMO, nut-free, and soy-free.



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