Holiday Treats from HBK Incubates

This holiday season, support local food entrepreneurs. Here are a few of the most giftable foods coming out of the Hot Bread Kitchen Incubator in East Harlem, perfect for host or hostess gifts, wrapping up, or serving at your holiday gathering.


Homemade Applesauce – Sanaia

Keisha Jeremie’s “grown …


#BreakBread this holiday

This season, #BreakBread with us. Let’s give color to the diversity of holiday traditions that unite us around the table.

From December 4–January 5, we’re asking our community to join us in sharing food stories that bring us together, highlighting the cultural diversity that strengthens New York City and America. …


2017 Holiday Market Hours

You can find Hot Bread Kitchen at Greenmarkets around NYC, specialty grocers, and online. Check below for holiday updates to our hours:…


Recipe: Fall Panzanella

Commercial bakers, like home cooks, are always creating new ways to use up leftovers. A crisp piece of leftover bread is great at soaking up all the delicious flavor from roasted vegetables and mustardy dressing (no matter the season.)…


Recipe: Honey Raisin Challah

The breads we bake at Hot Bread Kitchen are inspired by our bakers, and challah is Founder Jessamyn’s contribution to our repertoire. Sweet challahs are made on holidays to symbolize bringing about joy and happiness.…


5 Tips for Culinary Entrepreneurs from Jessie’s Nutty Cups

Photo by Susan Palmer

Meeting Jessie Taige of Jessie’s Nutty Cups is a sweet experience—literally. The young, energetic entrepreneur radiates joy, just like the salty-sweet nut butter cups she creates.

Originally started to supplement her acting career, Jessie began making nutty cups full time in February of this year. Now …