Our Breads

Our signature breads are baked to feed our mission.


Inspired by the international diversity of women we serve, 100% of proceeds support our mission to create economic opportunity through careers in food.

M’smen: Our signature product. This versatile, flavor-forward flatbread hails from Morocco, where it’s been celebrated as an everyday staple for centuries — and after one soft, flaky bite, you’ll see why it’s been our bestseller since 2010. Learn more about m’smen.

Kosher Challah: Inspired by a rich tradition of Eastern European breads, Hot Bread Kitchen’s golden challah braid and Parker House rolls are sweetened with local honey.

Chocolate Babka: A sweet loaf of buttery dough swirled with chocolate, our babka is a decadent twist on an old-world favorite. Ready to slice for breakfast or dessert.


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