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Kitchen and Storage Costs

Kitchen shifts are available to rent 24/7 in 4-or 6-hour blocks at $17-$20/hour depending on member vs tenant rental.

Dry, refrigerated, and freezer storage are rented by the month and range from $90-$250 depending on your storage needs.

HBK Incubates Program Costs:

Annual Kitchen Membership Fee

For businesses applying to HBK Incubates, our culinary incubator program, a yearly membership fee of $500 gives access to our commercial kitchen space at $17/hour and all HBK Incubates programs and support, including workshops and Finance Advising.

Subsidized Rates

Qualifying applicants who meet income requirements are eligible to receive 50% off membership fees and kitchen rental rates. To apply as a subsidized member, complete Section 4 of the HBK Incubates application packet. Request an application by completing the information here.

Business Start-Up Costs

There are additional upfront expenses required to start producing in a commercial kitchen. Total business start-up costs will range from $1,500- $4,000, in addition to program and kitchen related costs.

These additional start-up costs will need to be factored into your business budget:

  • Business Incorporation fees
  • Food Protection/Handlers Certification
  • Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Licensing fees
  • Production equipment and supplies