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LIFE Program

The Low Income Food Entrepreneurs (LIFE) program reduces the barriers to food entrepreneurship for low income food businesses. The LIFE program started at HBK Incubates in 2012 and was made possible by the generous donation of Citi Community Development and the ongoing support of members of the New York City Council.

The LIFE program provides financial coverage for start-up costs and substantially subsidized kitchen rates for women and men who have been selling food informally (from home, on the streets, catering, etc.) and are ready to formalize and grow their business.  Participants receive financial support to cover the costs of business incorporation, insurance and licensing costs as well as, English as a Second Language and Financial Literacy instruction.

HBK Incubates is currently working closely with the nine LIFE program entrepreneurs admitted in 2012 to support the growth and formalization of their businesses.  At this point, we are not taking any new applications for the LIFE program. Qualifying low-income members can apply for subsidized program and kitchen rental through HBK Incubates’ application process.

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