About Our Breads

As our team of bakers grows, so does our product line. We offer staples baked in a European style, such as baguettes and multi-grain loaves, along with regional specialty breads inspired by our bakers, such as authentic corn tortillas and fine lavash. In fact, in the New York Times, Peter Meehan described our specialties as “some of the best tortillas and fresh lavash chips in the city.” All are freshly baked with locally grown, organic ingredients whenever possible.

Heritage Corn Tortillas

Hot Bread Kitchen’s Heritage Corn Tortillas are made with 100% organic, non-GMO corn cultivated by farmers from New York State and the Midwest. Made the traditional way, we stone-grind fresh corn and add nothing but a little lime to soften the kernel’s skin. By using fresh corn instead of dried corn flour, we achieve the rich, nutty taste produced in ancient tortilla recipes – corn tortillas that actually taste like corn! They are vegan, do not contain wheat, and freeze well. Available in yellow, blue or white corn.

Armenian Lavash Crackers

Lavash is baked and eaten in Armenia and Iran. Traditionally, it is rolled thin and served soft. Hot Bread Kitchen’s lavash is baked on sheets to create a crispy cracker and topped with a variety of seeds and spices. Our delicious product has been praised in New York Magazine, which dubbed it the ‘socially conscious cracker’. Look for our new whole wheat-sesame version, featuring organic whole wheat flour grown and milled in NY State! A perfect accompaniment to cheeses, hummus, dips, and tapenades.

Seasonal Focaccia

Seasonal FocacciaWe also bake a delicious seasonal focaccia as part of our market offerings. The toppings vary from month to month and feature ingredients grown by local New York State farmers.

My Mom’s Nutty Granola

A popular product extends our bread mandate into wholesome, healthy cereals: ‘My Mom’s Nutty Granola.’ Inspired by Jessamyn’s mother’s recipe that traces back to hippie British Columbia in the 1970’s, HBK’s granola is a crunchy, not-too-sweet blend of rolled oats, lots of almonds and peanuts, unsulfured raisins, wheat germ, seeds, and pepitas, all mixed together and baked with organic honey. Mmmm. Maybe those hippies were on to something!


The newest addition to the HBK line, M’smen has been a huge hit with everyone who has tasted it. M’smen is a buttery, flaky Moroccan flatbread that melts in your mouth. Ours is pure and simple; made with organic wheat flour, semolina, and of course, butter. In Morocco, M’smen is traditionally eaten for breakfast with honey. It can also be prepared as a savory treat with caramelized onions and parsley or spiced ground lamb folded between the thin layers of dough. M’smen is always our first bread to sell out at markets.

Traditional Challah

A braided Jewish bread made with local eggs and honey, is traditionally eaten on the Sabbath. It  has a rich, three-dimensional flavor and moist, luxurious texture.

Upstate Multi-Grain Loaf

The perfect sandwich bread proudly made with organic New York State wheat flour, wheat germ & brown rice, our multi-grain loaf is one of our most popular staples. Despite the plethora of whole grains we pack into it, our recipe maintains a light and chewy texture, making it a healthful and delicious cornerstone of many a breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our CSA members ranked it among their favorites in 2009.

Grindstone Rye

Our take on a traditional German Vollkornbrot, this exceptionally moist and hearty rye is packed with local flour, whole grains and seeds. The perfect accompaniment to a sharp cheese.

New Yorker Rye

A classic, New York-style rye featuring locally-grown rye flour.


A crusty, moist sourdough with a subtle tangy flavor.

Toasted Walnut Raisin

A touch of rye levain balances the sweetness of raisins while freshly roasted walnuts give this bread a rich, multi-dimensional flavor.


Our ciabatta is a light, Italian bread made with local wheat. The ultimate vehicle for olive oil.

Nan-E Barbari

A savory Persian flatbread made with a traditional roomal glaze and topped with black and white sesame seeds, gives the bread its chewy crust. It can accompany traditional cheese plates, meat dishes, or a make a great crustier sandwich.

Nan-E Qandi

A rich, creamy Persian sweetbread made with milk and honey.  Ideal for breakfasts or afternoon tea.


This breakfast roll evolved from Jewish roots in Bialystok, Poland, is filled with caramelized onions and poppy seeds and is baked directly on the hearth.  An artisanal take on a classic New York breakfast bread.