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Storage and Care

Artisan breads peak in flavor within 2 hours of leaving the oven. While we recommend tasting our breads fresh whenever you have the opportunity, we do not advocate eating an entire loaf in one sitting. We therefore have included some helpful tips for keeping your HBK products fresh so you can enjoy them over longer periods of time:

Storing your artisan bread in a paper bag helps to preserve the crust. However, if you want to enjoy your loaf over several days, it is best to store it in a plastic bag. To bring back the crust, put your loaf in a 375-degree oven for 5-10 minutes. Our breads also freeze well: place in a plastic bag to prevent drying, thaw it in the open bag, and crisp it as described above.

Hot Bread Kitchen’s tortillas are made with no preservatives. To keep them fresh, always store your tortillas sealed in their bag in the fridge or freezer. Our tortillas are most delicious and easiest to cook with when they are hot.  Traditionally, tortillas are reheated on a comal (a hot, dry skillet), but they can also be steamed and will keep warm wrapped in a clean cloth.

*For ideas on how to use our breads, be sure to view our recipe collection.