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#BreakBread this holiday

This season, #BreakBread with us. Let’s give color to the diversity of holiday traditions that unite us around the table.

From December 4–January 5, we’re asking our community to join us in sharing food stories that bring us together, highlighting the cultural diversity that strengthens New York City and America. Share your culinary heritage on Instagram by tagging #BreakBread and @hotbreadkitchen all month. We’ll be regramming our favorites (and have some giveaways up our sleeve, too!)

Lutfunnessa Islam, one of our graduates and staff bakers, shares food from her native Bangladesh. A plate of Aloo Puri with cilantro and chaat masala (top left), spicy beef and cabbage, Kuli Pitta with coconut and palm sugar, chickpea salad, and homemade rice crisps would be served at her home in Jackson Heights when friends stop by.


Want to join in? Here are a few ideas of photos to share on Instagram:

  • Share a story. What food memories represent the giving season (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, All Saint’s Day, etc.)?
  • Share a recipe. What does your family make and where does the tradition come from?
  • Share a meal. Share photos of breaking bread with your friends and family.
  • Share bread. As Hot Bread Kitchen is the United Nations of Bread, we love seeing the role bread plays in your celebrations.

Then, simply incorporate or add the hashtag #BreakBread to your post, and tag @hotbreadkitchen to make sure we can find it!

Happy Holidays,
Hot Bread Kitchen