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PilotWorks shuts down, Hot Bread Kitchen steps in to connect displaced businesses

Hot Bread Kitchen is sad to hear that PilotWorks, home to so many great food entrepreneurs, closed their doors the weekend of October 13. We know many of the affected businesses have orders to fulfill and production to manage in the midst of these changes—and hunting for kitchen space can turn into a full time job.

Hot Bread Kitchen, in partnership with organizations around the city, stepped in to be a one-stop-shop to provide matching services to displaced businesses. Hot Bread will connect businesses to available kitchens, including our Incubator in East Harlem, as well as our partner kitchens throughout NYC (such as Bronx Cookspace, Entrepreneur Space in Queens, Organic Food Incubator, The Hudson Kitchen, and Evergreen Exchange.)

We also encourage organizations with available kitchen space in NYC to reach out to us at incubateshotline@hotbreadkitchen.org.


  • Over 90 displaced Pilotworks businesses have reached out via our Hotline form and phone line.
  • We’ve invited 36 businesses to apply for an expedited membership to our Incubator at Hot Bread Kitchen, and 5 have started producing already.
  • We have heard from 22 other kitchen spaces (including restaurants, etc.) who offered up kitchen space temporarily  

Connect with Hot Bread Kitchen
💻: Form for displaced businesses (note this form is now closed)
✉️: incubateshotline@hotbreadkitchen.org
☎️: (774) 364-8532 (open 8am–9pm every day 10/14–10/25, 2018)

HBK Incubates is a shared commercial kitchen space and business support program for high-growth food enterprises, run by award-winning food business Hot Bread Kitchen.