HBKi Entrepreneurs at Summer Fancy Food Show

Congratulations to our HBKi member businesses who participated in the 2018 Fancy Food Show! …


5 Tips for Culinary Entrepreneurs from Jessie’s Nutty Cups

Photo by Susan Palmer

Meeting Jessie Taige of Jessie’s Nutty Cups is a sweet experience—literally. The young, energetic entrepreneur radiates joy, just like the salty-sweet nut butter cups she creates.

Originally started to supplement her acting career, Jessie began making nutty cups full time in February of this year. Now …


Jessamyn and Lauren Bush on Empathy and Socially Conscious Business

Jessamyn joined Lauren Bush of FEED Projects in a conversation at Sub Rosa as part of their Applied Empathy series, to discuss their paths to entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

“It’s shocking how little it costs to do good,” Lauren said. Jessamyn noted that entrepreneurs are drawn to HBK Incubates because …


Family Circle: The 20 Most Influential Moms of 2016

Family Circle‘s roundup of the most influential moms of 2016 featured Jessamyn as “The Dough Gooder.”

She shared some of the best advice she’s gotten: “Someone once told me that I should go about my work as if I knew that I was doing everything correctly. Many women, myself …


So You Want to Start a Food Business?

Turn your culinary talent into a viable business with Prep for Success, a course for early-stage foodpreneurs.

Learn to define and strengthen your concept, scale your recipe, produce and package safely, navigate permitting and compliance, explore funding options, and formalize your business.

The five week course is offered on Tuesdays …